Vinçotte Italy


Our missions find themselves in the areas of the acceptance of equipment for industry, primarily within the framework of the Pressure Equipment Directive a, certification of companies and qualification of welding activities.


Vinçotte Italy, whose personnel was qualified by the parent company, is recognised as a notified body (0026) in the area of the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC). Its personnel has been qualified by major companies such as Chiyoda, Aramco, IHI, etc. for the performance of “third party inspection” services.


  • Ampacet italia (certification)
  • Brembana S.r.l. (inspection and control)
  • De Lama S.r.l. (inspection and control)
  • Garioni Naval S.r.l. (inspection and control)
  • Villa Scambiatori (inspection and control)
  • Villa & Bonaldi S.p.a. (inspection and control)
  • Metallurgica Medolago S.r.l. (inspection, control, welding qualification)
  • Longofrigo S.r.l. (inspection and control)
  • Gba S.r.l. Construction and Engineering (inspection, control, welding qualification)
  • Irop di F.lli Zanacca S.n.C. (inspection, control, welding qualification)
  • MA.RE. S.p.a. (certification)