Technical Training

Vinçotte International Middle East provides technical training to support and augment inspection and testing disciplines amongst its’ clients. In Belgium, Vinçotte Academy   specializes in providing technical trainings which are also available to the clients in other parts of the world.

Vinçotte  International Middle East offers short duration training courses in a number of inspection and Non-Destructive Techniques (NDT). These include:

NDT TRAININGS BY VINÇOTTE: Vincotte offers NDT training for technicians, inspectors, Engineers and managers for following levels and methods.

      • ASNT Level I Training
      • ASNT Level II Training
  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection): In principle MPI method is used on Ferromagnetic material for detecting surface and near-surface flaw and defects in materials / structures / pipelines.
  • LPT (Liquid Penetrant Testing): LPT can be applied on all metal / non metal material or where MPI is not applicable. LPT is suitable to detect the open to surface discontinuity.
  • RT (Radiographic Testing): Widely used NDT method involving radioactive sources. RT can detect all kind of internal volumetric discontinuities within weld or base metal. RT suitable for planar flaws such as Lamination which can best detected by UT.
  • UT (Ultrasonic Testing): UT employs high frequency sound pulses, emitted from a piezoelectric transducer. Best advantage of UT is to find flaw depth in the weld, materials and thickness measurement. UT can be used for higher thicknesses material where RT source can’t be employed
  • Operators Assessment: Vincotte also provides assessment services for operators, as below:
    • Forklift Operators
    • Crane Operators

For further information about our Technical Trainings and Assessments, contact:

+971 2 5510041