Environment Services

Preservation and protection of environment is the biggest challenge facing the world today. Consequently, the companies are under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they do not pursue profit at the expense of the environment. The customers, governments and communities want to use eco-friendly products and services to minimize or mitigate their effect on global environments. To help improve their performance in environmental arena, organizations implement Environmental Management Systems based on ISO 14001:2004 standard and seek independent certification to assure credibility and worthiness of their systems.

Vinçotte is one of the major Certification Body operating internationally which provides ISO 14001:2004 environmental system certification and conformance assessment services. These services are internationally recognized and accredited by Belgian and American National Accreditation Boards e.g. BELAC. Certification services of Vinçotte are known for their exacting standards and good quality. Vinçotte uses auditors who are well qualified and add value to the environmental management system of the client organizations through their audits.

IQNet Certificate is complementary issued only for management systems certified by Vinçotte International s.a Belgium under BELAC accreditation.

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