Corporate HSE Policy


VIME regards good HSE performance as a pre-requisite of good business performance. VIME is committed to its over-riding goals of “no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment” and to the philosophy that every employee is responsible for “Getting HSE Right”. This philosophy is embraced in the belief that:

In order to realize this policy, VIME is committed to the following objectives:

» All accidents can be prevented.
» Safe and Environmentally friendly operations are our first priority.
» VIME’s management is accountable for providing a workplace that is safe, where environment impact is minimized and the health of the workforce is actively promoted.
» Working safety and in an environmentally responsible manner is a condition of employment.
» Empower the employee to stop the work in case of any unsafe situation.

In complying with this VIME will:

» Expect all personnel to demonstrate commitment and leadership in health, safety and environmental (HSE) protection, performance and compliance.
» Managers will display and expect openness in decisions that impact safe and environmentally responsible operations and demonstrate judgment based on safety as a first priority.
» Identify HSE hazards/aspects and assess the risks/impacts associated with our activities. Take appropriate action to manage the risks/impacts in order to prevent or reduce the impact of potential accidents or incidents.
» Provide specific HSE training to all employees consistent with their work activities and responsibilities.
» Meet or exceed compliance with local regulations and other requirements.
» Provide employees with a safe place to work and clear expectations regarding HSE requirements.
» We will recognize and actively support employee efforts to improve HSE performance.
» Maintain a commitment to incident and pollution prevention and to continuous improvement in our HSE performance.
» Set annual HSE objectives and targets and openly report our performance.
» Audit compliance with this policy and take corrective action where appropriate.
» Make available appropriate resources to implement this policy.
» VIME will periodically review and improve this policy, communicate it to all employees, and make it available to the public as and when required.
Wael Kamal
Middle East General Manager