ISO 14001 : 2004

ISO 14001:2004 – Environmental Management System

Organizations implement EMS or Environmental Management System based on requirements of ISO 14001:2004 standard or EMAS. By doing so, they aim to reduce waste which is emissions and discharges from their industrial processes which pollute the soil, air and water.  In other words they reduce their environmental foot-prints and the associated cost. Implementing environmental system helps reduce use of raw materials, reduces consumption of energy, reduces waste generation and disposal cost, improves process efficiency and promotes sustainability. This projects a socially responsible corporate image of the organization amongst its’ regulators, its’ customers and the public.

Environmental management systems certification provides a number of benefits to the organizations. EMS certification is an independent and professional assessment of the claimed system which in turn gives assurance to the customers, regulators and other stakeholders of the client company.  This gives confidence and provides assurance to the customers of the certified company who want to do business with environmentally and socially responsible companies.

Vinçotte provides accredited environmental system certification services for ISO 14001:2004 standard for the environmental management system.  Vinçotte helps its’ clients by providing authentication to their claims of environmental performance. Vinçotte provides environmental system certification and auditing services in an independent, professional and competent manner. Vinçotte auditing services meet requirements for conformity assessment as provided in ISO / IEC 17021:2011 standard.

Vinçotte is accredited by a number of national and international accreditation bodies for environmental system audit services. These include BELAC (Belgium) and others.  Vinçotte also has close association with professional bodies such as IQNet Switzerland which further lends credence to its’ reputation.

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