Declaration of Impartiality

The management of Vincotte International Middle East LLC (VIME) hereby declares that the company shall continue to provide certification services based on the principles of impartiality, objectivity and strict avoidance of the conflict of interest.

The management of VIME is fully committed to the impartiality and understands the importance of its’ implementation. VIME internal procedures support impartiality and it has trained all its auditors and certification personnel to ensure that:

» VIME exercises impartiality in dealing with the customers by identifying and removing and actual or potential threats to impartiality arising from any internal or external factors .
» VIME provides certification services to the customers free of the conflict of interest by implementing measures that prevent interests with potential to affect the impartiality of its’ services .
» VIME exercises objectivity in its’ services to the customers by removing or resolving the conflict of interest which can adversely influence its certification activities.

This declaration is in conformance with ISO/IEC 17021 :2011 standard and shall continue to be applicable until changed or amended, following the due process.

Regional General Manager
Vinçotte International Middle East LLC.