Certificate Transfer

If you are not satisfied by the service provided by your Certification Body / Registrar, you are most likely receiving a poor service. This can be damaging and counter-productive for your organization and you have a valid reason to think about transferring your certification.
A poor level of service will be marked by one or more of the following tell-tale signs:

  • Unqualified auditors are performing audits.
  • Audits add no value to your system.
  • Certification body does not respect the rules of certification.
  • Audit schedule is not followed.
  • Audit reports are delayed or erroneous
  • It is hard to communicate – no answers, repeated reminders

If you are facing this, consider transferring your certification to Vinçotte International. In Vinçotte, we consider our customer as partners and provide an efficient and value-added service befitting their needs.

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