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Welcome To Vinçotte International Middle East

Vinçotte is a company with 140 years of enriched experience in customer service. The name Vinçotte refers to Mr. Robert Vinçotte, who in 1872 established an inspection company in Belgium to make steam boilers, the main source of energy for the industry then, safer. Today Vinçotte has international reach and serves more than 15,000 customers from 13 locations around the world.

The core business of  Vinçotte is to provide Technical Inspection Services to the industries, including conventional and advanced NDT services such as RT, UT, MFL, EC, TOFD, MPI, Lifting equipment inspections, Environmental and Safety inspection and special studies like Environmental Impact Assessment and laboratory / testing services.

VIME awarded the contract with BOROUGE for RBI Inspection

VIME as approved supplier to conduct AD EHS compliance audit

VIME awarded the Contract with BOROGUE


Technical Services

Vincotte provide vide range of Technical services. In the middle east our technical services are segmented according….

Quality Services

In today’s competitive world, organizations are constantly striving to improve their performance and achieve greater customer satisfaction…..

Environment Services

Preservation and protection of environment is the biggest challenge facing the world today. Consequently, the companies are….

Safety Services

Industrial activities are inherently hazardous and could pose unacceptable risk of harm to the persons working in….

Training Services

Vinçotte provides training directly or through its’ partners specializing in Management Systems and Inspection. The training is….

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